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Category: Industry news

How protected is your data and equipment against a power outage?

12 June 2015

Did you know that a power outage is one of nine of the most common problems that can affect the quality and availability of power? Often a power outage happens in a building or business premise however it is not reported outside the facility.

Since 2008, Eaton has been tracking power outage information, in their effort to educate people about how power outages have impact and how they can cause a range of problems such as down-time. …

How preventative maintenance ensures business continuity

18 February 2015

Article featured in the February 2015 issue of the RISK UK: Security and Fire Management magazine (pages 35-36)

Maintaining power quality

Power quality issues are becoming increasingly common and can cause serious problems for business owners who don’t have preventative measures and tried and tested back up facilities in place. If your building frequently experiences flickering lights, computers locking up, blown fuses or circuit breakers unexpectedly tripping then it may be time to review your risk management …

Top safety accreditation for UPS Systems

17 March 2014

UPS Systems, the UK’s largest independent supplier of standby power solutions, has been awarded accreditation from ‘Safecontractor’ for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.

Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme, which recognises the highest standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

The company’s application for safecontractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business.

Tom Sperrey, CEO of UPS Systems said: “Aside from the human impact, …

Power cuts biggest cause of business disruption in the UK

24 May 2012 Tom Sperrey, Managing Director of UPS Systems plc

Tom Sperrey, Managing Director of UPS Systems plc

According to Sungard Availability Services , power cuts were the single biggest cause of business disruption in 2011, with incidents in 2011 rising by 10% from the previous year. These results, represented in the table below, strongly indicate that the office workplace remains at most risk of power cut induced downtime, accounting for 80% of disruptions. Meanwhile, technology failure problems dropped by 25% – possibly due to the fact …

Free cooling for data centres

22 February 2012

There’s no arguing with the fact that data centres and server rooms use a lot of energy. And one of the biggest contributors to the energy bill is the cost of data centre cooling, especially when using conventional chiller units. Cooling server rooms consume a staggering 1% of the world’s energy. It’s not surprising then that data centre operators are increasingly interested in the concept of free cooling or the use of fresh air.

In most data centres …

Ensuring the security of your standby power system

15 November 2011

One of the biggest threats to the reliability of your standby power system is poor maintenance. Most standby power systems rely on batteries. Without proper, regular maintenance and replacing batteries that have reached their end of life, they will ultimately be unable to hold charge and prove useless during a mains failure.

The same is true for generators, if they’re not serviced on a regular basis there is a chance that they won’t start when you need …

A reliable grid?

8 November 2011

According to the National Grid, in 2010, the UK used 286TWh of electricity. Independently audited figures found that the reliability of the electricity transmission was 99.99%, and the average annual availability was 94.76%.

Yet despite having what seems to be a reliable power supply, the UK is on the brink of having to intoduce rolling blackouts. By 2015, nine of the UK’s oil and coal-fired power plants and four nuclear power plants are due to be shut down. …

Worldwide battery shortage looms

25 October 2011

With China closing many of its battery factories, prices are set to increase by 25%, and lead times stretched by as much as seven months. So if you want to ensure your standby power system continues to protect your organisation, now is the time to check your batteries and act fast if they need replacing.

The scale of the problem
China manufacturers a third of the world’s lead-acid batteries. But since March, more than 70% of its 2,000 …

Solar storms blowing the lights out

20 October 2011

Lights out! We have all been there in the midst of a storm when suddenly the lights go out. Typically, we’re left in the dark for a few hours. But what would happen if a power cut wiped out entire countries for months at a time?

According to National Geographic, “Solar storms are brewing about 93 million miles (150 million kilometres) away, and if one of them reaches Earth, it could knock out communications, scramble GPS, and …

Overcoming the energy gap

29 September 2011

The UK energy gap is growing faster than anticipated. A whitepaper published by LogicaCMG, a leading provider of business services to the energy sector, predicts that energy demand in the UK could exceed supply by as much as 23% during peak times. Within ten years, this gap could cost UK businesses in excess of £108 billion each year.

Reports from Parliament suggest that over the last five years businesses across England and Wales have experienced approximately 96 million …