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What Happens When a Power Failure Strikes your Business?

23 July 2014

Based on estimates, a single hour of downtime costs a small business an average of £800 and a large commercial organisation £8,500. These estimates are not inclusive of costs incurred by damaged IT equipment (an occasional side-effect of power cuts and power failure).

Essentially, our grid power is becoming less reliable – and many businesses are not taking enough measures to protect themselves from power cuts and other sources of power failure.

The question is – how will …

Fuel cell technology maintains Mersey maritime safety

9 June 2014

A light float, operated by Trinity House, has been equipped with a methanol-powered fuel cell as part of a trial to ensure onboard aids to navigation (ATON) are kept fully operational prior to dry dock and repair (DD&R) this summer.

Marking the entrance from the Irish Sea into Liverpool, the Light Float 2 (Bar) is an unmanned boat-like structure located on the Liverpool bar at the start of the Mersey.

Light floats are often used in waters where …

Remote off-grid power for CCTV surveillance cameras provides road network security

17 March 2014

Around 4,300 miles of motorways and trunk roads make up the strategic road network in England. It’s important that key parts of this network are constantly monitored to prevent disruption to the flow of traffic that can be caused by bad weather, accidents and breakdowns. Security alerts also pose another threat to the UK road networks. A terrorist attack on one of the UK’s major highways, tunnels or bridges could be devastating.

Audio and video surveillance has become …

First standby power company to exhibit at IFSEC

16 July 2012 Keen to hear about our latest news announcements, journalists were intrigued as to why a standby power company had set up shop at IFSEC.

UPS Systems has a proven track record of supplying standby power to the security industry. We work with industry leaders, such as ADT, Quadrant Security Group, and Wingate to offer independent consultancy on how to ensure security systems remain operational at all times.

Surveillance and CCTV, emergency lighting and access control systems all require a reliable source of power, particularly in the event of a mains failure.

This year, UPS Systems was keen to demonstrate some of …

Emergency auxiliary power? Dial 999 for a fuel cell.

28 June 2012

Some of the most compelling applications for fuel cells pop up where you least expect them. Boats, cars and other vehicles invariably have substantial (although relatively inefficient) internal combustion engines to propel them forward. Traditionally, any auxiliary power for lighting and communications equipment has been drawn from a battery, which is recharged by running the engine.

That’s a fine way to provide auxiliary power so long as the engine is running. There are, however, many situations when the …

Goodbye grid, hello fuel cells

27 February 2012

Data centre operators are looking for alternative power supplies that are cleaner, more reliable and more available than grid power.

Fuel cells fulfil these criteria and are a solution worth considering. At the moment natural gas fuel cells are the only commercially viable option for providing prime power to data centres. Other units that use alternative fuels – such as methanol – are not yet capable of generating sufficient power.

Natural gas fuel cells have matured and are …

Fuel cells for defence applications

10 January 2012

We recently spoke to a group of enthusiastic army representatives about the potential for hydrogen fuel cells during a ‘Hydrogen Energy Workshop’. The following day, the US Department of Defense released a study entitled “Beyond Demonstration: A White Paper on the Role of Fuel Cells in the Department of Defense’s Energy Strategy”. The white paper supported the use of fuel cell solutions for defence applications, and validated the technological and commercial progress made to date by developers of …

UPS and Generator Hire

13 December 2011

Do you need to hire new standby power equipment?

Is your limited access to capital preventing you from purchasing new standby power equipment? Perhaps you’re using temporary accommodation, and you need a UPS to protect your systems whilst your office is being refurbished? Or has your company’s growth increased the load you have to protect, leaving you in need of a bigger generator?

Whatever the reason, many companies find they need to hire UP or generator equipment, either …

Standby power news

6 December 2011

Did you receive our new monthly e-newsletter? It contains all the latest news about standby power, batteries, generators, UPS and fuel cell technology. Stories this month include:

  • Lighting Trafalgar Square’s iconic Christmas tree
  • Solar storms blowing the lights out
  • Ensuring power continuity for RAF Valley
  • Worldwide battery shortage looms
  • Eel conservation benefits from clean, portable power
  • Health checks for standby power systems

You can view the first issue here. Or if you would like to subscribe to …

UPS Systems lights Trafalgar’s iconic Christmas tree

2 December 2011

UPS Systems has donated a fuel cell system to light Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree. The fuel cell will power the star on top of the tree throughout December and the New Year.

The iconic tree is a tradition that dates back to 1947 when the city of Oslo donated the first tree to the people of London. Oslo has since donated a tree every year to thank the UK for its support of Norway during the Second World …

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