REMO Remote Monitoring System Saves two more Customers

Remote monitoring for UPS systemsREMO is a unique remote monitoring system that we’ve developed at UPS Systems. As well as alerting users to equipment faults and power failures, it can act as a diagnostic aid to help identify problems before they occur.

REMO monitors input and output voltage, load, battery capacity, temperature, and fuel levels; providing protection for generators, UPS equipment and fuel cells. Users can log in at any time through a secure web-based interface, to see real-time information on their systems. REMO also allows users to view historic trend information so that they can anticipate potential issues and take appropriate preventative measures.

Most recently, REMO alerted one of our customers to a total battery failure. If it hadn’t been for REMO, the customer wouldn’t have known about the problem until it needed its UPS to provide standby power. In the event of a mains failure, our customer would have been left vulnerable and without power.

Another customer suffered a UPS failure over a recent weekend. A raging storm caused a massive power surge that blew the system’s fuses and destroyed the UPS. Fortunately, our customer had sufficient backup in place to protect its servers and racks despite the damaged equipment. Following the power surge, REMO sent an alert to our customer to notify them of the issue, so they could visit the site and deal with the problem.

REMO is available as a service, with subscriptions starting at just £395 pa. For more details, please visit the REMO website.