UPS Battery replacement, supply and disposal

Ups Battery replacement Are you replacing and disposing of your UPS batteries correctly?

Batteries form an important part of many standby power systems. It’s essential that they remain at full capacity to protect your equipment. Once a UPS battery reaches the end of its life, it’s important to replace it and dispose of the old one correctly, following environmental regulations.

Our UPS battery replacement service:

  • Is for any size or UPS battery configuration
  • Covers batteries from the major manufacturers, including AEC, APC, Chloride, Eaton Powerware, Emerson, Liebert, GE Digital Energy, MGE, Riello, and Socomec.

Our battery disposal service:

  • Adheres to the WEEE and Hazardous Waste Regulations

To find out more about battery replacement and discuss your needs, please email Mark Trafford, or call our battery service line: 01488 680 530