What is an Edge Data Centre?

What is an Edge Data Centre?

Typically data centres have been very large and expensive facilities costing millions of pounds and taking anywhere up to 18 months to deploy.

The recent boom in data traffic has meant the function of a data centre is being pushed ever closer to the end user and their operation. This has lead to edge computing.

Our edge data centres are fully redundant micro facilities that favour 2-4 rack footprint and they come complete with their own UPS, fire suppression, power distribution and air conditioning.

These self-contained edge data centres can be installed anywhere, whether it be an office space, a production environment or even the side of a busy road. They come IP protected, VOIP sound attenuated and they are very versatile. Our micro data centres are readily available and deployed with minimal on-site installation.

They also come with a full range of planned preventative maintenance packages, as well as uplifts to critical call outs. This allows you to take your computing where you need it.

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