Why do you need Backup Power for your Data Centre?

It is critically important that your data centre has 100% availability.

It can be shown that an 80KW data centre will lose £44k during an outage.

Furthermore, 60% of businesses that suffer a prolonged outage will go out of business in less than a year.

Smaller data centres often consider a UPS system to be adequate. – This is not the case!

During a prolonged outage, the IT equipment is protected by the batteries inside the UPS. However, the air-conditioning is not.

Depending on the size of the facility, the heat within your room can cause the temperature to rise by many degrees, in very few minutes.

This leads to the IT equipment shutting down an overload and you’re out of production!

Power protection infrastructure for your data centre needs to be considered beyond the IT.

The support infrastructure is just as important to keep you operational.

By considering your power protection infrastructure for your data centre, as a whole, you can maximise your availability.

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