A different approach to standby power services

standby power service consultation advice supply

We pride ourselves on our customer-focused consultative approach to delivering standby power.

We work closely with our clients to identify their current and future power needs to deliver a personalised power protection solution to match them.

With almost 20 years of experience, we can provide standby power from the smallest desktop set-up to full data centre protection.

Our approach will always fit in with our customer’s needs and can include some or all of the following stages;

Stage 1: Consultation
We will work with you to identify your specific identified (and unidentified) needs, now and in the future to create a fully agreed project specification. Our services range from site surveys to system design and upgrades to create a complete power protection strategy.

Stage 2: Matching specification to available technologies and product.

Our uniquely manufacturer-independent position allows us access to over 2500 standby power and associated products. Using this powerful resource we can help to create a precisely tailored solution for your needs whether they are based on the technical specification, a specified manufacturer, budget or timescale.

Stage 3: Project management

If required we can operate as your standby power consultants taking complete responsibility to manage this aspect of your project in part or from start to finish saving you time, resources and cost.

Stage 4: Project implementation

From installation to commissioning we can advise and help at any stage of a project to ensure you receive the best solution for your business needs.

Stage 5: After sales services.

Our services extend well beyond the delivery of your standby power system. Our extensive range of after-sales services include;