Leasing and Finance Options

Are you looking for a new UPS system or generator, but you don’t currently have the budget allowance? We can offer a variety of finance and leasing options with terms from one year to five years. Our flexible leasing terms enable you to keep ahead of the game by keeping your power protection fully updated without tying up cash reserves.

What are the benefits of leasing and finance?

Have what you need now
Have the equipment that is best for your business without capital expenditure. When you lease you are not restricted to the equipment you buy and can Upgrade either in whole or in part to suit the needs of your changing business.

Cash is King
Use your cash where it will produce the best return in investment and operating activities.

Keep your options open
Retain your cash, bank facilities and other credit lines for more appropriate uses, such as working capital and short-term funding needs. The equipment you need can be acquired without affecting other credit lines making further borrowing easier.

Improve Financial Control

Your finance payments will be fixed for the whole finance period avoiding the effects of inflation, making cash flow forecasting and budgeting simpler. You are protected from interest rate changes so will always know how much your future payments will be.

Remain Flexible
You can upgrade to new equipment if your requirements change. In many cases, by extending the length of the facility, you can acquire extra equipment without an increase in your payments.

See it Pay for Itself
Let the payments coincide with the benefits of having the new equipment as they appear. The payments may be self-financing from the extra income obtained, or cost savings made, by having the new equipment.

Tax Benefits
On lease rental agreements all payments made are 100% allowable as an expense for tax purposes, often providing tax savings.

Speed Up Decision Times
If you have budgetary restrictions preventing capital outlay, leasing may be acceptable.

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Our finance and leasing options are provided by Premier Leasing and Finance.

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