The UPS Systems Team

Our people

The people at UPS Systems are at the centre of everything we do.

The skill and technical expertise of our sales engineers is fundamental in our approach to understanding and satisfying our customer’s requirements.

No less important, our operations, finance, marketing and IT teams manage our internal processes, creating the environment by which our sales engineers, service coordinators, engineers and electrical installers can focus on service delivery to our customers.

A business such as ours relies on the quality of people we employ. We believe that training and development is crucial and encourage every member of the team to develop themselves in order to achieve higher job satisfaction and career development in new and challenging and responsible roles.

 Join us:

 We offer UPS systems and generators from a wide range of manufacturers including Riello UPSEaton UPSVertiv UPSAPC UPSAKSA generatorsHyundai generators and Pramac generators, please contact us to discuss your requirement. 

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