Monthly Archives: November 2011

  1. UPS Battery replacement, supply and disposal

    Are you replacing and disposing of your UPS batteries (Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery) correctly? Batteries form an important part of many standby power systems. It's essential that they

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  2. A reliable grid?

    According to the National Grid, in 2010, the UK used 286TWh of electricity. Independently audited figures found that the reliability of the electricity transmission was 99.99%, and the average annual

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  3. Maintenance and servicing for your UPS system

    Can you be certain that your standby power system will support you when the lights go out? It's critical that you maintain your UPS systems to ensure that if there is a mains failure

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  4. Generator Load Bank Testing

    Do you need diesel generator load bank testing? Is your generator a critical part of your standby power system? Generators can deteriorate over time, so you need to ensure yours stays in great

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  5. UPS Systems ensures power continuity for the RAF

    UPS Systems plc has installed two diesel generators at RAF Valley, the RAF's fast jet pilot training facility on Anglesey

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  6. REMO Remote Monitoring System Saves two more Customers

    REMO is a unique remote monitoring system that we've developed at UPS Systems plc. As well as alerting users to equipment faults and

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