My first appointment of the week was a planned maintenance visit, or “PMV”, to service a 330kVA generator. It was due for a thorough service and as it utilises industry standard engine and alternator, I made sure that I took a complete range of spares with me. As well as taking the generator spares, these days it’s important that our service engineers take the right documents with them, including a service visit sheet. Customers quite rightly ask for a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) for major services on generators. The first task with any generator maintenance job is to make everything safe to work on. I transferred the generator to manual so that I had full control – I didn’t want it starting suddenly. I always do a visual check before I start, including inspecting the canopy condition, hinges, silencer fixings and other parts that are subject to wear and tear. We have a comprehensive 50-point inspection plan that takes in coolant, antifreeze, hoses, and so on. We also