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  1. UPS Systems plc - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    UPS Systems - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    UPS systems have been in general use across main industries for well over a decade now. Despite this, they are a still rather unknown device.

    Today we are going to look behind the curtain, by answering some of the most common questions that get asked.

    UPS Systems FAQ
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  2. Product Focus - Riello UPS Multi Power

    Riello UPS Multi Power

    Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Multi Power include:

    • Operating efficiency off over 95%
    • Amazing efficiency even at loads as of 20%
    • Able to scalable to the level you need it over time.
    • High power density in a compact footprint
    • Hot swappable modules guarantee redundancy and downtime-free maintenance
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  3. UPS Systems in Harsh Environments

    UPS systems and any batteries are normally located in an ideal location which would be completely secure, dust free, dry area. 

    But what do you do if this kind of space is unavailable?

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  4. Take care of your UPS Batteries

    UPS batteries are a key component of any uninterruptible power supplies.

    If they fail, the results could be devastating, this means it is essential to understand what causes UPS batteries to fail and what measure to take to ensure their efficiency.

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  5. Brand Focus - AKSA Generators

    Key Benefits of AKSA Generators:

    • Well known brand of generators
    • Generators use Cummings, Perkins, Volvo and more engines
    • After sale services
    • Reliability

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  6. Product Focus - Riello UPS Single Phase UPS

    Riello UPS Single Phase

    Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Single Phase UPS include:

    • Complete Range 0.4-20kVA
    • Small footprint
    • High efficiency of up to 96.5%
    • Zero impact source
    • Flexibility of use
    • Advanced communications
    • Covered by a Riello UPS standard warranty of up to 5 years

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  7. Hand on Heart Campaign

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  8. Standby Generator Diesel Fuel Maintenance

    Standby Power Generators are a key part of any power protection solution, regardless of application. If you are only using a generator for standby power it is essential that the diesel fuel is maintained alongside, or in addition to the generator. This is because that diesel left in a tank starts to degrades over long periods which can be harm full to the standby generator.
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  9. Product Focus on Hyundai Generator DHY6000SE Diesel Generator

    Key Benefits of the Hyundai Generator DHY6000SELR Hyundai Generator include:

    • Produces 5.2kW / 6.5kVA maximum output
    • Electric start with ATS compatibility
    • Efficient Hyundai D420 engine
    • Equipped with a large 16L fuel tank for a long running time
    • Comes fitted with safety features such as low oil alert and automatic engine shut down


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  10. Brand Focus - Riello UPS

    Riello UPS Logo

    Key Benefits of Riello UPS:

    • 3 Year Warranty as Standard (5 Year on smaller UPS)
    • Balance of Reliability and Cost-effectiveness
    • National engineer support (and our Engineers are Riello UPS trained as well)
    • Range of UPS System sizes to suit any application
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