The 9 Reasons for Backup Power

The 9 Reasons for Backup Power
You may be looking at a UPS system to protect you from a power failure but did you realise this is only 1 of 9 different power problems that can bring your business to a halt.
  1. Power Sags - That flicker of lights, that's a power sag and that's caused by the business down the road turning on that heavy bit of industrial kit.This can cause data errors, memory loss and equipment shutdowns. Most people think that changing a lightbulb will resolve that flickering light, but a UPS system will do that for you.
  2. Power Surge - What happens when the people down the road turn off that big heavy equipment, even though this is the opposite of a power sag it can cause the same problems, including data errors, memory loss and equipment shutdowns.
  3. Undervoltage - Is when the voltage is under what it should be. Basically, this is a stead lower voltage state right across the national grid. What this can mean to you are data loss, data corruption and premature hardware failure. You may think a power surge protector is the answer, but in fact, a UPS can cover you for this and for power failure.
  4. Overvoltage - This is when there is a rapid increase of up to 6000 volts to your equipment. Overvoltage is typically caused by events such as lightning strikes, you can just imagine what this is going to do to your business if you're not protected by a UPS system.
  5. Switching Transients - If you thought overvoltage was bad, you haven't come up against these! This is like overvoltage, but 3 times worse than a lightning strike. You may not believe this, but a UPS system can still help.
  6. Line Noise - Electrical line noise can either be known as radio frequency interference or electromagnetic interference. This can be caused by events such as broadcast transmissions and distant electrical storms.
  7. Frequency Variation - This is when a frequency falls out of the 50 to 60 hertz and is most commonly caused by generators variance in frequency.
  8. Harmonic Distortion - This can cause overheating, possible hardware damage and communication error. You might not even know what a harmonic distortion is, but a UPS can help with this.
  9. Power Failure - This is a complete blackout, this can be as complex as something going wrong with the national grid or quite simply someone switching off the wrong socket.
For all the power problems you may or may not have heard of here, we have the right UPS system for you. If you want to know the right UPS for you, please contact UPS Systems here.