UPS Systems expands its business with Achilles

An excerpt from a recent article written and published by achilles Back in 2012, some of UPS System plc's key buyers, including water authorities and other utility companies, started to ask if the company was part of Achilles UVDB. In response, UPS Systems plc investigated the qualification further, and upon seeing what it could do for the company, decided to go ahead and subscribe. ‘Our Achilles UVDB qualification has been very good for the company,’ says Sharon Whitelock, Major Accounts Sales Manager at UPS Systems plc. ‘There’s more interest being shown year on year from buyers on the Achilles UVDB platform.’ Two years later, UPS Systems plc received a similar query, this time from Network Rail, asking if the company was part of RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme). ‘Network Rail are a valued customer so we wanted to respond to their request,’ says Sharon, ‘but we also saw an opportunity to expand our business further into the rail sector.’ “Achilles UVDB is well recognised in the industry and buyers respond well to our qualification.” Being RISQS and Achilles UVDB qualified helps UPS Systems plc grow its business in several ways such as expanding the business, getting noticed,discovering new buyers and enhanced marketing. “Buyers respond well when we mention Achilles, and we hope that our RISQS qualification will facilitate increased business in the rail and transport sector in the months and years ahead.” Read the full articlehere