Change your Uninterruptible Power Supply System Topology

There are several ways to configure an Uninterruptible Power Supply System. Each topology offers different benefits. To support an 80 kVA load, we could use any of the below approaches:

Uninterruptible power supply system Topology Approaches

  • Traditional approach: single 100 kVA unit
  • Parallel approach: two 50 kVA units
  • Modular approach: nine 10 kVA units

Although the capital costs are lower, the traditional approach is the least efficient way to support the load. It's not scalable, which means the UPS won't always properly support the load and if it increases, the system will need upgrading. By configuring UPS in parallel, the overall system efficiency increases as each unit runs nearer to its optimum capacity. A modular pay-as-you-grow approach can substantially reduce the cost of ownership for a business where the load frequently fluctuates. This approach is the most expensive option in terms of capital costs typically 50% more expensive than an equivalent traditional or parallel topology. At UPS Systems we can provide you with more information on Uninterruptible Power System Topology. To find out more, contact us. You can also benefit from regular, planned maintenance on your UPS equipment. We offer a range of repair services. To discuss your needs further or to book a repair service, please contact us or call 01488 680 500.