Data Centre Colocation, what is it?

Data Centre ColocationData centre colocation is when a facility provides an off-site location for organisations to house their data, with people on duty 24/7 to deal with system failures and security breaches. Some companies view the cloud as an alternative to colocation but it fails to offer the same benefits as tradition and collocated data centre. These include: Sustainable infrastructure: - Being designed with the best infrastructure available, colocation is great for business that needs quality infrastructure without the cost. Data centre colocation offer the best in power and connectivity because without them the business would fail. In-house data centres normally have the minimum in power systems (like an average cooling system and a small backup power source), whereas colocation providers offer diverse power feeds, multiple generator systems and on-site fuel reserves. Scalability: - Data centre colocation facilities often have scalable or modular designs, meaning data storage can be easily expanded and quickly implemented. Security: - Data centre colocation providers need to protect their clients' data, being vulnerable to attack, makes them vulnerable to losing customers. This means that they implement and maintain the highest security. Cost: - Colocation offers many cost savings over a traditional data centre with no need to purchase a building, fit out a room or managing its security, both on and offline. Ease of use: - When all these benefits are combined it, you can see how easy it would be to run a colocation data centre. All the security, power, etc., would be provided and any problems would be identified and repaired onsite. If you needed to expand, it would be as simple as adding to your existing data centre. Colocation offers one finally benefit as well. If your business is hit by a disaster, like a flood, your data will be safely backed up at a different location and will also allow some business to continue working, at least in some measure, as people can connect to the collocated data centre from their own home. If you are looking into a new data centre, whether or not you plan to use colocation, contact us for any questions or requirements you might have.