Denmark's first city centred energy storage system

Copenhagen's district of Nordhavn will be home to Denmark's first city centred energy storage system. The lithium-ion based battery energy storage system (BESS) will be interfaced with the main energy grid and will be a great asset as the Copenhagen concentrates more on more on renewable power. An energy storage system greatly reduces the risks from the intermittent power that is often reduced from solar and wind. The city of Copenhagen has the ambitious goal of being the world's first carbon neutral city by 2025. This will demonstrate how the grid and new technological solutions can work together to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint worldwide. This battery storage system will enhance the existing energy system in which wind and solar energy will provide the majority of energy production. In addition, battery technology is expected to move forward very quickly over the next ten years. This will further enhance the benefits of BESS as futureproofing has been taken account to allow for all the latest developments.

EnergyLab Nordhavn is examining the future of energy storage systems

EnergyLab Nordhavn is a 4-year project that began in 2015. The objective of this project is to design and implement the energy technologies of tomorrow. This project will massively aid the carbon neutral goal of Copenhagen. By monitoring the grid and the new battery energy storage there is an opportunity to learn about new energy solutions and how based to connect them to the grid. With this these developments in batteries and other energy storage technology, the potential of UPS Systems will be further enhanced. If you have any questions about the right UPS (Uninterruptible Power SupplY) System for you, please contact us.