Is the protection of network outages a priority in your organisation?

disaster-recovery-resilence-backup-online-datacentre-outage-370x229 Did you know that 25% of network outages in the UK are related to unreliable power supplies? Did you know that the average outages cost is between £7500 - £15,000 per outage? Did you know that less than 10% of UK organisations committed to testing their disaster recovery plans more than once a month?
Prevent Network Outages for Peace of Mind
Imagine your peace of mind, together with how much money and time you'd save, when you are confident in the knowledge that your organisation maintains an effective and efficient uninterruptible power system to combat a power outage event. (Statistics based on 150 UK organisations) (Photo courtesy of At UPS Systems plc we've been providing standby power solutions to many organisations in the UK since 1993. It has been and continues to be the focus of our company to help you keep your organisation running, to avoid downtime, throughout the event of a power outage or power system failure. As a progressive organisation your IT team understand the need for business continuity planning. We know that they appreciate how such a plan, when properly resourced and practised, can ensure the commercial ‘life blood’ of your organisation throughout a disaster. Talk to one of our team to find out the right standby power solution for your organisational needs, to ensure you can better plan for, and win through with efficiency, the event of any future power outage.