Save Time and Money with a more Efficient UPS

UPS units have become significantly more efficient over the last 10 years, with the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a modern UPS considerably lower than older units. If you have an aging UPS unit, we can provide you with a new, more efficient UPS, saving you time and money. Although the initial cost of replacing an existing UPS can be lower than replacing it, it's important to consider that added costs of running and maintaining an obsolete unit in comparison with a new, more efficient UPS. A 10 KVA UPS from 10 years ago would typically have a Power Factor of 0.6, giving 6,000 W of power. Now, UPS Systems can provide you with a 10 KVA UPS that has a 0.9 PF, giving you 9,000 W. This increased efficiency enables the UPS to provide power to more of your equipment. In comparison to older units, Modern more efficient UPS units use less electricity and have a lower heat output, saving you money on both electricity costs and cooling services. Newer units also have a smaller footprint meaning less space is required to house the UPS. On top of this, UPS’ now come with longer warrantees of up to five years.  efficient UPS For any standby power enquiries please contact UPS Systems