Retailers depend on registers, scanners, scales, receipt printers and credit card terminals without power, this EPOS equipment comes to an abrupt stop taking the sales with them. With spring half term fast approaching do you want to lose your sales due to power cuts?

In the age of online shopping, customers have little patience with waiting in checkout lines. In fact, customers who wait more than 5 minutes leave the checkout line. How many customers are going to wait around if there is a power cut and sales can’t be processed at all?

EPOS Backup UPS Systems

Of course, power cuts aren’t in the retailers’ control, but keeping the EPOS equipment is. A UPS system is plugged into the mains with the EPOS systems plugged into it. EPOS backup UPS systems are small lightweight devices, so they can easily be placed into the small spaces, like an under counter shelf, available around the point of sale area.

Backing up your EPOS system isn’t as expensive as most retailers think.  Individual EPOS backup UPS systems are extraordinarily low cost and provide protection against not just power cuts but, surges and spikes as well. The battery power is more than long enough to cover most short power cuts and will allow all the customers already in the queue if the power cut is longer.

With EPOS backup UPS systems starting at £55 (plus VAT) these are a cost-effective solution for the retail power protection market. You can find these EPOS backup UPS Systems on our shop here.

Still not sure? We explored how much an average store could lose if the power goes down in our previous blog: Don’t let power cuts ruin Christmas sales!

If you have any questions about what UPS system is suitable for your EPOS system, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.