edge date centres in higher educationAs the internet matures, network traffic will continue to change shape as new technologies place new demands on existing networks. This means that infrastructure and our approach to it must adapt accordingly. Edge data centres bring lower latency and higher bandwidth to towns and cities, away from the core of the network. Therefore, increasing the number of edge data centres could be a way to meet these demands. Below we look at some of the key challenges we face and how the edge can help.

Keeping the internet of things connected

The challenge The internet of things (IoT) – the network of devices that add sensors and other capabilities to objects – continues to grow. With everything from cars to fridges sending data across the network, the requirements for processing this data close to the source are increasing exponentially. Benefits of the edge Edge data centres can support the growth of this market by increasing performance and reducing the amount of data transiting networks. Colocation offers fast and scalable provision for IoT providers, which is one reason that new colocation data centres with smaller footprints are opening up around the network edge. How we can help Our Data Centre Solutions can make specifying and installing edge data centre equipment simple. Contact usto discuss your requirements.

Edge data centres for industry

The challenge As the industry seeks ever greater efficiency, Big Data and connectivity are becoming more crucial to business success. However, industrial sites are often located far from the network edge, making latency an issue for connected machinery and systems. Benefits of the edge Whether we’re talking about an offshore wind farm, remote mine or manufacturing site on the outskirts of town, edge data centres can support efficiency and provide vital business intelligence. For industrial applications, on-premises edge data centres are often the best solution. Off-the-shelf solutions provide a straightforward way for businesses to add data storage and compute capabilities on site – even in the most remote locations. Self-contained rack systems are available that include built-in power management, cooling, fire suppression and security. These micro data centres are built in a standard rack size that can be easily installed anywhere. For more demanding applications, prefabricated server rooms with up to 18 racks are available. The prefabricated design means that power, cooling and layout are optimised, making it quick and easy to add an enterprise-grade data centre. For more remote locations or businesses where space is at a premium, a containerised version provides a fully waterproofed and self-contained data centre that can literally be placed at the edge. How we can help Find out moreabout our off-the-shelf edge data centre solutions for business.

Edge data centres for next-generation communications

The challenge As 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) connectivity becomes commonplace, the telecoms industry is already looking to the future with plans for 5G. Proposed 5G standards have considerably higher bandwidth than existing 4G networks, as well as lower latency. These additional requirements are likely to push the requirement for more resources at the cell tower, rather than relying on network backhaul. Benefits of the edge By placing content, data storage and compute capabilities at the tower, mobile service providers will be able to improve the experience of existing customers, but also meet the needs of emerging use cases. The requirement for mobile edge computing (MEC) is likely to increase, with 5G-connected IoT devices, self-driving cars, augmented reality and other emerging technology. The remoteness of many cell towers makes containerised data centres an ideal solution for meeting the needs of 5G networks. Designed with N+1 power and cooling redundancy, and with a water, dust and vandal-proof exterior, products such as the Rittal RiMatrix S container are ideal for remote locations. How we can help Contact us to find out more about containerised data centres for the edge.