Home Office Backup PowerHome offices are more important than ever now a lockdown has been declared. Ensuring that PC's, phones and broadband don't go down in a power cut is now essential to continuing to work at home. While your staff are working from home (WFH) your single PC workstations will be as critical to you as a comms room or data centre facility located back at the office.

UPS Systems plc range of single-phase UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems are ideal for work from home applications as well as point of sale, CCTV and other home electrical devices. They have been designed and manufactured to deliver reliable emergency power and be easy to install and manage.

UPS systems that will typically be used in a home office environments tend to be line-interactive solutions with short duration runtimes. This allows for equipment to be safely shut down in the event of a power cut, so no damage is caused to the equipment (like PC's). alternatively, it is possible to support a small amount of equipment for longer, please contact us for help with how to do this.

Several factors come into play when deciding which UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) best fits the needs of a home:

  • Price – UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)  for homes can range from less than £100 to several thousands of dollars depending upon the configuration and what is required. Many brands of UPS exist like Riello UPS and Eaton UPS.  Making a decision solely based on price can be risky as poor quality internal components can result in a failure to protect the attached equipment.  The better-quality UPSs often come with either a lifetime warranty or an extended guarantee.
  • Energy efficiency – Some UPS devices offer “green” features such as power-saving outlets that automatically turn off idle peripherals. A high-efficiency charging system and an automatic voltage regulator within certain UPS systems also helps reduce power usage, which is ideal for cost-conscious and green home office professionals.
  • Runtime – This refers to the amount of time a UPS supports connected devices during a power outage. Should the power happen to go out, how long can the UPS keep powering the attached equipment?  For some, the time it takes to guarantee a safe shutdown of a connected computer system so that no data is lost is sufficient. For others, perhaps a security system needs to keep running for several hours as a “bridge” until the utility power comes back up.
  • Load – A “load” refers to the number of devices that are connected to the UPS. If the user plans to connect more than one device, then it is recommended that a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with more battery storage capacity is considered.
  • Connectivity – Home UPSs can also act as important enablers of home network remote management and availability. In fact, some home UPSs are capable of monitoring a network connection and of automatically cycling power to a smart outlet in order to reboot a hung modem or router.

 UPS Systems plc have been supplying home office backup for over 25 years and we can guide you to the UPS you need, please contact us for more information.