Product Focus on Hyundai Generator DHY6000SE Diesel Generator


Key Benefits of the Hyundai Generator DHY6000SE Diesel Generator include:

  • Produces 5.2kW / 6.5kVA maximum output

  • Electric start with ATS compatibility

  • Efficient Hyundai D420 engine

  • Equipped with a large 16L fuel tank for a long running time

  • Comes fitted with safety features such as low oil alert and automatic engine shut down

  • Low noise sound attenuated canopy

  • Covered by a Hyundai 1 Year standard warranty.

  • Full UK service and parts operation to maintain your generator for years to come.

The Hyundai generator DHY6000SE features electric start and a convenient digital control panel which displays the frequency, voltage and total run time and is compatible with an optional Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). An ATS will sense the power cut and automatically start the generator even if you're not around. Once the power has been restored, the ATS will again, automatically switch you back to mains power. The Hyundai generator DHY6000SE has a built-in low oil alarm and automatic shutdown keep the generator safe during operation and ensure the engine is protected at all times.

The Hyundai generator is part of the Hyundai silent range so is a quiet generator and comes with a sound attenuated canopy to reduce overall noise levels making it suitable for domestic or low noise areas. The canopy has large, hinged access panels to make routine maintenance and inspection much easier and is mounted on wheels for ease of movement. The DHY6000SE Hyundai generator has the standard Hyundai 1 year warranty. To purchase a Hyundai Generator DHY6000SE 6kW single phase Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator click here.

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