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Key Benefits of the Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR-T Diesel Generator include:

  • Equipped with a 30L fuel tank for an increased running time of up to 30 hours.

  • Single & Three Phase capabilities, ideal for garages and workshops.

  • Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled Hyundai diesel engine.

  • Produces a maximum output of 6kW / 7.5kVA.

  • Uses ATS capabilities to automatically start and shut down during a power cut.

  • Housed in a silenced case with a sound rating of just 70dB @ 7 metres.

  • Covered by a Hyundai 1 Year standard warranty.

  • Full UK service and parts operation to maintain your generator for years to come.


The DHY8000SELR-T Diesel Hyundai Generator is ideal for to provide power protection for smaller applications like home offices or small businesses. The 30L tank allows the generator to run up to 30 hours, allowing the DHY8000SELR-T to provide power longer than most power cuts or allow time to repair electrical faults. This diesel generator has a silenced casing, making it a very quiet machine minimising the noise when supplying power. It can be run on red diesel allowing a saving over the white diesel that is used to fuel cars. It can be connected to an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), which will switch the supply over to the generator as soon as the power is disrupted.

When the mains power resumes, it switches back to the mains supply and switches the generator off. This electric start diesel generator can be started with a two-wire start function or a simple turn of the key is all that’s required to start or stop the machine when controlled manually. The DHY8000SELR has the standard Hyundai 1 year warranty. This Hyundai diesel generator is specifically designed to be used as a backup power supply and has a maximum output of 6kW / 7.5kVA. To purchase a Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR-T 6kW 3-phase Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator click here.

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