What items couldn't you live without? Most of them will require power!

In a survey of 1,950 adults carried out by market research firm Zogby Interactive, 28% of respondents said they couldn't live without high-speed internet while 15% said they can't live without Facebook. And a survey of 330 IT professionals by communications software company OnRelay found that 88% of respondents couldn't live without their laptops, whilst 74% needed mobile phones and 68% had to have VPN access. Many of us could probably manage to survive for a few hours without Facebook. However, it's easy to forget that what most of these services and technologies have in common is their dependence on electricity. At UPS Systems, our business is built on power. Without electricity we'd have no phone system to contact clients; our staff wouldn't be able to do their jobs without computers and our security measures would fail, leaving our building and its contents vulnerable. In short, power failure could spell disaster, and that's why it's our number one priority in our business continuity plan. Standby power can be designed to cover all aspects of business continuity. It can allow for controlled shut down of systems, or allow essential services such as security cameras, phone systems or even manufacturing plant to continue running throughout the power failure. To find out more about standby power systems, or to talk to someone about your requirements, please call 01488 680 500 or contact us here.