What are the Benefits of Load Bank Testing?

Load bank testing UPS units and generators provide back up power to your company's vital systems. However, without regular servicing, your UPS can fail, leaving you at risk of losing vital data. As part of our holistic approach to after sales service, we offer load bank testing.
Why is a Load Bank Testing important?
A load bank test will ensure your UPS and generator is able to support the load ; it does this by testing your UPS and generator under load conditions. Load bank testing makes sure your UPS will run smoothly and efficiently. As discussed in our previous blog, battery failure is the most common reason for a UPS to fail; A load bank test will enable you to see how long the battery is able to support the critical load for. Any problems can be identified and put right, therefore removing any doubt that it will not be able to support the load for long enough in the event of a power failure.
What does it test?
  • The engine of the generator and its ability to provide the required power over time by using an artificial load
  • The alternator’s ability to provide the required voltage stability
  • UPS battery autonomy
  • Frequency stability
  • Efficient Control systems under varying conditions of load
  • The performance of whole system
  • Oil and fuel pressure of a generator to make sure the engine is well lubricated and gets enough fuel to produce the power you need it to provide
  • Identifies potential weaknesses
Delivering Peace-of-mind!
Full testing of the generator and UPS units under load will ensure that all the components within the system will work and perform together as intended when called upon to support a critical load. To discuss any aspect of servicing or maintenance or to request information on health checks and testing, please get in touch.