UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

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MIL Collections recently decided to protect their offices from power outage. The data stored at MIL Collections is very important as it relates to debt. It is a requirement to protect (or restore) this kind of data from corruption under GDPR. Sudden shutting down of servers from a power outage can cause this kind of corruption.

MIL Collections is debt recovery and debt purchase solution business based in Truro that primarily focuses on the late stage, pre and post legal debts. They use bespoke and flexible software to handle the data. After discovering the risk of power cuts, MIL Collections contacted UPS Systems plc to put a solution together to prevent power outages.

After a discussion with the customer, it was deemed necessary for a site survey to be carried out. A technical engineer attended site to complete the survey as his expertise would spot potential issues as well as be able to clearly explain to the customer what would be required. The site survey allowed UPS Systems plc to gather further details and put together a suitable solution. During the site survey, it was noticed that the office was supported from 2 distribution boards, therefore two UPS systems would be required.

MIL Collections needed the UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) to provide a minimum of 60 minutes backup for the servers and the office. This would allow for work to be finished, saved and the safe shutting down of all systems if the power cut persisted.

The most suitable solution was to support each distribution board with a 10kVA single phase UPS. With the electrical load being fairly low, supplying 10kVA’s with internal batteries means the customer will get at least an hour autonomy. Due to MIL Collections being based in an old building, UPS Systems plc arranged for a delivery survey to ensure goods were delivered and positioned with ease.

Riello UPS Multi SentryThanks to the delivery survey, all the UPS systems and other equipment arrived on site safely without any damage or issues during the positioning.

Each UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) was supplied with an external maintenance bypass panel to ensure each UPS can be completely isolated during maintenance visits. This means MIL Collections can continue to run whilst a maintenance visit is being carried out. Without the bypass panels, maintenance visits would have to be done out of hours if the business could not arrange an ideal time for the supported load to shut down during the day. The other advantage of having a bypass panel is that the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) can be completely removed without any interruption to the load.

On this occasion, the customers own electrical contractor carried out the installation, UPS Systems attended site to approve the installation, commission and start up the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Commissioning by an approved engineer is required to validate any warranty.

Another very happy customer.

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