Modernise your uninterruptible power system

Inefficient Power System
Using old and inefficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) leads to higher running costs. UPS systems that are too big for the load they’re protecting waste money too. So is it worth investing in a new standby power system?
How much can I save with a modern UPS?
A 10-year old on-line double conversion UPS will be around 88% efficient – today’s units offer closer to 96% efficiency – a 9% improvement. Modern UPS also reach maximum efficiency more quickly under load than older units (Figure 1). A quick calculation shows the potential for savings: Table 1 looks at the numbers for a 120 kVA UPS with a power factor of 0.9 at full load (100 kW).

Table 1. Potential cost savings for a 120 kVA UPS

power system

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