Monitoring and maintenance for your edge data centre

edge data in higher educationBy their nature, edge data centres can be in remote locations away from your core IT system. This makes remote monitoring essential to manage the uptime and efficiency of systems – particularly for critical applications. Maintenance and servicing can also be an issue for companies with multiple edge installations or long distances between offices. In these situations, it can be more cost effective to establish a service and maintenance contract than to rely on internal teams. Implementing a monitoring and maintenance programme that you can trust will help to ensure your edge data centres effectively support your business.

Live monitoring for edge data centres

Remote access to your server provided from within your operating system will allow you to monitor your processes and server hardware. However, in order to keep your edge systems running smoothly, you also need to monitor your data centre’s mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure. Data centre hardware and environmental monitoring can send text message or email alerts for a range of issues. More advanced systems, such as UPS Systems’ REMO software, provide long-term data logging and dashboards that allow you to monitor the health of the system over time. This can help you to identify issues early and prevent any disruption to your operation. The REMO monitoring suite can help you to avoid costly downtime by giving you remote access to key stats about your backup power system. Information on generator fuel levels and battery status will help ensure your critical systems remain powered in the event of a long-term power failure. Designed to be fully independent of site power and communications, and with built-in N+1 redundancy, REMO is a resilient and flexible solution that is ideal for edge data centre applications. Find out more about REMO remote power system monitoring or contact UPS Systems to discuss your requirements.

Edge data centre maintenance and servicing

Edge data centres in distant or diverse locations can be difficult and expensive for in-house resource to manage. Finding the right maintenance and service contract for your backup power system will keep your business-critical systems online. UPS Systems offers maintenance contracts with response times of just 4 hours, 24 hours a day. With guaranteed response times to site, we may be able to offer faster repairs at remote sites than your in-house teams. Our technicians are able to support mixed configurations of equipment across different manufacturers. This means we can provide a single point of contact for the maintenance and servicing of all your infrastructure systems. Our service and maintenance contracts can also include a remote monitoring service, leaving your team free to manage your data. Find out more about standby power system maintenance and servicing or contact us to discuss your requirements.