Are you looking for a self-contained uninterruptible power system to provide flexible and reliable standby power for your business? UPS Systems plc is one of the first standby power providers to stock, supply and service the new PowerBox UPS system - a system which promises flexibility, efficiency and guaranteed low maintenance back-up power.

Resilient, efficient and scalable standby power solutions

A self-contained, scalable standby power solution, the PowerBox is quick and easy to install and service  it can be delivered, set up and functioning within the space of a few hours. Its compact and containerised structure means that we can deploy and install it wherever you need it, and it won't take up unnecessary space and facilities within your premises. Each PowerBox unit contains all the necessary distribution panels and switchgear to deliver emergency power from a combination solution that can include: a UPS, flywheel energy storage system, battery packs, and a suitably rated generator.

PowerBox from UPS Systems

Each containerised PowerBox can be configured from a range of standard UPS systems to deliver a site-specific solution:

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies): 200kVA and 500kVA modules with a full power rating of 4MVA/3.6MW
  • Flywheels: 215kW and 300kW with parallel installation to extend the energy storage
  • UPS Battery Extension Packs: installed for increased system resilience.
  • Diesel Generators: provide efficient extended runtimes up to 24 hours.

Purchase and rental options

Whether you're looking for a short-term, temporary, long-term or permanent standby power solution, we can meet your requirements with our purchase and rental options. A short-term hire is ideal for providing reliable power for specific projects or events, while a full purchase will be more cost-effective for those looking for a for a continual power supply and a long-term investment for applications such as modular data centres that require additional power.

UPS maintenance and service

Our trained UPS engineers provide maintenance and service for UPS systems across the UK. Our standby power service team will undertake regular checks to ensure that your new containerised PowerBox UPS will work when you need it the most. All systems can be monitored remotely using REMO technology, which provides real-time alerts and early warnings that can help prevent failures.

If you have any questions about this you can contact us here.