Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW

Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Sentinel Dual STW UPS include:

  • Small footprint

  • Power factor 1

  • High efficiency 95%

  • Parallelable up to 3 units

  • 3 level inverter

  • High quality output voltage

The range includes the Riello UPS STW 5000 (5KVA UPS), Riello UPS STW 6000 (6 KVA UPS), Riello UPS STW 8000 (8KVA UPS) and the Riello UPS STW 10000 (10KVA UPS)

This series includes 5-6 kVA/kW single/single-phase and 8-10 kVA/kW single/three-phase input single-phase output models with on-line double conversion technology (VFI): the load is powered continuously by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of form and frequency. Input and output filters provide significant further immunity from mains disturbances and lightning strikes. In terms of technology and performance, the Riello UPS Sentinel Tower is one of the best UPS available on the market today: three level inventer to achieve 95% efficiency, output power factor 1 to Increase in efficiency of system and devices and reduce power system losses.

You can download the datasheet for the Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW here.

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