Product Focus - UPS Bypass Switches


Key Benefits of our UPS Bypass Switches include:

  • Top/Bottom Full Size Gland Plates
  • Top/Bottom Cable Access
  • Aux Contacts On Manual Bypass and UPS Output
  • Easy Installation
  • Compact Size
  • All Labels Engraved
  • IP2X Voltage Measurement Holes
UPS Bypass Switches provide the ability to easily maintain or isolate your UPS system. This allows for any work, like changing batteries or servicing to be done without having to turn off the whole system. In most cases this would mean turning off everything the UPS system is supporting, making it potentially costly to the business using it. Once installed a UPS bypass switch can be used to completely isolate your UPS, meaning that in the unlikely event of your UPS having any issues you can switch back to back to the mains only with the flick of a switch. 

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