Is it time to get your Data Centre/Server Room Cooling System Serviced?

server room cooling When did you last service your Cooling system? It may seem like a strange time of year to be thinking about cooling but in comparison to standard room comfort air conditioning, which is generally only required during the hotter months, cooling for data centres and server rooms is a necessity all year round. In order for critical IT equipment to perform at maximum efficiency, managing the environment in which it is stored is crucial. Air conditioning ensures that the conditions within a data centre meet the specific requirements of the sensitive equipment. Critical servers and UPS units will shut down once the temperature reaches a certain point. It is therefore vital that your data centre/server room cooling system is regularly maintained, with any potential issues flagged up before they occur. Your air conditioning has been working hard throughout the year so now is the perfect time to get it serviced by UPS Systems plc. The Risk of Air Conditioning Failure Data centre/server room cooling failure represents a huge threat to business. If the power goes down, a UPS and generator can carry the load and keep your systems up and running. If your air conditioning system fails however, there is no way to manage the excess heat. A standard UPS will shut down if the temperature rises to above 40 degrees Celsius.  A typical server features an embedded thermal management system; in the event of rapid temperature increase due to cooling failure, the critical servers will automatically shut down. The server will notify the user when it exceeds a certain temperature, typically around 50 degrees Celsius. If no action is taken and the temperature does not begin to lower, the servers will perform a self-protective shutdown, with potentially disastrous consequences for your business. Book an Air Conditioning Service visit with UPS Systems plc today Book an air conditioning service visit with UPS Systems today and we’ll make sure your system is safe, reliable and dependable. Our industry trained technical engineers, who specialise in data centre cooling, will perform several crucial checks on your air conditioning system. This will give us a clear picture of the health of your system and enable us to spot any potential problems to prevent failure. Avoid Critical Server shutdown with Maintenance from UPS Systems At UPS Systems plc, we will take care of your data centre/server room cooling maintenance to avoid any unexpected failures. This will allow you to relax in the knowledge that your cooling system is being properly looked after to ensure your critical servers are up and running at all times. UPS Systems plc Maintenance 24/7 technical support 4 hour response to critical faults Industry trained technical engineers specialising in data centre cooling In-house specialist expertise and project management delivery, developed over 25 years. Over 1000  pre-planned maintenance visits per year We work with all air conditioning manufacturers   Book your air conditioning service visit today to keep your critical systems up and running. Call us on 01488 680518. Or email: