Snow caused Power Cuts across the Country

With a cold snap and a massive wave of snow engulfing the country last week, power cuts were running rampant. When bad weather hits power lines are often the first things to be affected. As the roads become impassable quick repairs become impossible. The Beast from the East and Storm Emma have been responsible for countless hours of downtime as well as business closures. You can read about the power cuts and our disruptions here. Without power, businesses can no longer operate and the downtime can be seriously costly to the business. The lost of income forcing staff A31 covered in snowlayoffs or the business to close altogether. Larger businesses are more insulated from these problems, but downtime can still cost thousands of pounds. All this can be resolved with a generator. Generators can supply power even in blizzards, making them ideal in any extreme weather conditions as well as for common power disruptions.
  • Fast delivery of power during a power cut.
  • Protects from dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges when the power returns.
  • It allows the operation of heating and cooling systems, computers, and other appliances.
  • Allows businesses to maintain comfort and safety levels during emergencies.
  • Safe operation during man-made and natural disasters.
  • Affords business and homeowners peace of mind by ensuring power at all times.
The DHY8000SELR-T generator is ideal for smaller businesses and home, being easy to install and provide ample power for the most common requirements. [embed][/embed] For larger applications, you will need a more powerful generator, please contact us so we can source the perfect generator for your requirements. Some businesses require the power to switch over in a power cut with no disruption to equipment that is already running. To do this you will a require a UPS system. You can view our range of UPS systems here. Alternatively, you can request we spec the perfect generator/UPS system combo to suit your needs here.