As one of the UK's leading power technology companies, UPS Systems plc has, over the last 20 years, acquired the expertise and knowledge to provide its customers with complete end-to-end standby power solutions. "There are very few companies in this sector that provide the range of services offered by UPS Systems," commented Managing Director Tom Sperrey. He continued, "Customers don't just want a UPS, generator or fuel cell. They want consultation, recommendations based on past experience, independent advice, maintenance, ongoing support and in some cases a little bit of hand-holding and reassurance. Not only do we offer the widest range of manufacturer-independent standby power products, we pride ourselves in our aftersales service and ongoing technical support."

Whether it's a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or diesel generator that has been specified, we offer a complete consultative sales and managed service. Design, specification, integration, delivery, installation and full-system commissioning are standard service offerings.

Benefits of Our Standby Power Solutions

Managed services are well established in the IT sector. We have extensive experience of working with this industry and recognise the benefits this model offers. We are one of the few power technology companies that offer our customers this level of independent advice and after sales support. A managed service approach towards standby power enables customers to control costs and work within their budgets without compromising on quality. Keeping up to date with the latest technology and regulatory requirements can be a full-time job in itself. For example, static inverters that are used for emergency lighting must now comply with stringent European legislation EN 50171. As specialists in this field, we are constantly reviewing regulatory compliance and are able to pass this knowledge on to our customers without them having to spend valuable time researching this area for themselves. Not all companies have dedicated resources that allow them to monitor standby power equipment and detect potential faults before they happen. Managed services help avoid fire fighting equipment faults or power failures as they occur. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Annual maintenance contracts and continuous 24/7 remote monitoring (using our remote monitoring service REMO) on all standby power equipment offers facilities and IT managers complete peace of mind. An SMS or email alerting customers the moment an issue arises with a mains power supply or equipment failure allows them to respond accordingly. Our engineers are on standby to deal with routine and emergency call-outs should the need arise. We recently installed a UPS system and standby generator to meet one of the world's leading chauffeur company's standby power requirements. Not only did we recommend the most appropriate generator for the project, saving Carey substantial costs in the process, we also acted as agents for the initial planning permission. Greg Mendoza is vice-president and general manager of Carey's European headquarters in Brentford, Middlesex. The company is part of the Carey Global Network and each year carries out 1.5 million chauffeured trips throughout 650 cities in 70 countries worldwide. Mr Mendoza summarised UPS Systems plc service: "In terms of the process, planning and implementation UPS Systems managed the entire project. Everything went absolutely to plan. UPS Systems end-to-end solution and on-going managed service approach gives us peace of mind." Standby power managed services allow customers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, save time and ensure their investment remains operational and compliant at all times.

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