Putting in Place a Standby Power Strategy

For some, a loss of power is no power strategy more than an inconvenience. For others, it represents severe damage to reputation and profits. It is therefore vital that you have a standby power strategy in place that is tailored to your individual requirements. One option could be to install a UPS with a runtime sufficient to allow a backup and shutdown of your computers and servers. However, if any loss of power is likely to have severe implications to your business, putting in place a standby power strategy to keep your business running continuously is crucial. Understanding the full implications of that strategy and how it will impact on the ongoing success of your business, is paramount.
Your Standby power strategy
Your strategy will need to cover more than the computer rooms, servers and communications equipment. Less sensitive equipment which can withstand short breaks in power may only need generator backup, but everything needs to be considered. How long could your organisation continue to function without telephones? Emergency lighting, fire protection, access control, cooling for computer rooms and servers and auxiliary power for the building’s lifts must all be factored in. At UPS Systems plc, we will evaluate your requirements and put in place an appropriate standby power strategy that is right for your business. To discuss your requirements, or for if you have any standby power queries, please Contact us.