UPS batteries are a key component of any uninterruptible power supplies. If they fail, the results could be devastating, this means it is essential to understand what causes UPS batteries to fail and what measure to take to ensure their efficiency.

The temperature that UPS batteries is vital for their performance and can severely affects their lifetime. Idle UPS batteries should be stored at a temperature of 10°C or less, with the battery itself to be at 20-25°C while in use. The rated life expectancy of drops 50% for each 8.3°C it is above this temperature.

Another reason for UPS battery failure is lack of charging. Even idle UPS batteries need charging at least once every quarter. Not everyone realises that all batteries are discharging a small amount of energy even when idle. If batteries aren’t charge regularly enough, this can lead to a battery failure when they are in use.

Not only do they need to be charged, but over or under charging a UPS battery can has a major affect how long they will work for. Undercharging often results in sulphate crystals forming, which harden and reduce the capacity of the UPS battery. Overcharging, on the other hand, can result in internal dryout – thermal runway from a build-up of hydrogen and oxygen gases. This will not only kill the UPS battery but can also cause fire.

Finally the lifetime of a UPS battery can also be reduced due to over cycling. Once the UPS batteries have been discharged (normally due to a mains failure) they need to be charged up again for future use. It is recommended they get 24hours for a full charge. If they are not given enough time to recharge, whether it is multiple long power failures or any other reason, the capacity of the battery could be reduced. A UPS battery can only be fully recharged so many times before it needs replacing.

To keep your UPS batteries running efficiently, it is essential to get them serviced often to stop an problems that could result in failure when you need them.

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