UPS Sprinkler Power Protection

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Installing a standby power solution to the fire life safety systems at The Stream Edge has provided the residents with additional back up to their existing fire protection.

The Stream Edge Development is located in the centre of Oxford next to Wareham Streams. These apartments are designed to allow you to access the amenities of Oxford easily, whilst also offer a quiet space to relax.

The 36 apartments each have their own balcony overlooking the stream and the landscape gardens were designed by John Platt. In any apartment block, safety is essential, so a site survey was requested from UPS Systems plc so backup power could be provided for the Sprinkler System.

The Stream Edge is a modern development and was constructed with all the latest safety regulations and advisories in mind. This not only included the standard lights and security features you would expect on an apartment block, but also a sprinkler system for the common areas.

Sprinkler systems are a key component to the safety precautions which ensure the inhabitants are safe in the event of a fire. These systems are autonomous and can be released both manually or automatically.

With that in mind, it is essential to provide a mechanism whereby the sprinkler system can function correctly, even in the event of a mains failure.

As experts in their field, UPS Systems plc were contacted by Peerless Properties to provide a solution to the lack of appropriate standby power provision at The Stream Edge. After an initial site survey, UPS Systems were able to specify the correct solution to ensure the sprinkler system would have continuous power, even in the event of a full mains power outage.

To provide the required power together with the necessary run time, a 15kVA (13.5kW) UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system with internal batteries was selected. The UPS System was selected from the Multi Sentry range of produces which are produced by Riello UPS. The Multi Sentry UPS systems are industry leading from the perspective of their reliability, efficiency and footprint.

Riello UPS Multi Sentry

The installed runtime was 60 minutes at the normal operating power of the sprinkler pumps. If a worse case scenario happened and the fire was doing critical damage to the build, the UPS unit would be able to support the Sprinkler System long enough for a complete evacuation to be completed.

In addition, an external wrap around bypass switch was installed. This allows full availability of the Sprinkler system during the yearly service visits for the UPS system and allows for ease of replacement, when the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) enters the end of its life in 12 to 15 years.

Combined, these two pieces of equipment ensure the sprinkler system is backed up from power failure at all times. With regular servicing which will be carried out by UPS Systems, the installed equipment will remain in peak condition.

With the new UPS system and maintenance bypass installed the Sprinkler System at the Stream Edge is now secured against power cuts. Sprinkler Systems are an essential part of any public building, no matter if they are offices,
manufacturing facilities or apartment blocks. Ensuring they are working when people need them is a key part of health and safety.

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