Our top Five Crucial UPS Battery Considerations

In this week's blog, we discuss our top five crucial considerations for selecting the correct UPS battery.
  1. Your Individual business needs
At UPS Systems, we look at the individual needs of each business. When it comes to battery selection, we take into account how long you need the battery to support the critical load during a mains failure and recommend an appropriate battery accordingly.
  1. UPS run-time
UPS run-time indicates how long the battery will give power to the UPS for before it runs out. A larger battery will give you a longer run time for a given load size. Without the appropriate sized battery, you will not end up with the runtime you need. We make sure your UPS will be able to handle a power outage for as long as you need by selecting the right battery to give you the necessary run-time.
  1. UPS Battery Life
Unfortunately UPS batteries don't last indefinitely. Normal battery life expectancy is 3-5 years; this is dependent on frequency of use, duration of use and environmental conditions such as heat and humidity. We will give you the best advice on when to change your battery and offer health checks to identify any potential issues before they occur.
  1. environmental conditions
It’s also important to consider the environmental conditions your UPS is stored in. The temperature of the environment has an effect on the life of the battery; if the temperature drops to below 22 ºC, batteries will underperform or sustain damage; temperatures above 25ºC will result in increased battery capacity but reduced battery life. As a guideline, every 8 ºC rise in temperature cuts the battery life in half. Therefore, it’s key to have a charging regime in place to keep your batteries in good condition.
  1. Maintenance
It’s vital to have right maintenance plan in place to ensure your batteries will support the critical load in the event of a power outage. We have a range of service contracts to suit all needs and budgets to make sure your critical systems will be protected.   Contact us today with your UPS battery needs to see how we can help you.