Underwater Data Centres – an Effective Cooling Solution?

As a result of the huge amount of heat generated by Data Centres, companies are always looking for effective cooling solutions. One of the more unusual ideas for keeping data centres cool is currently being trialled by Microsoft.

underwater data centreProject Natick is Microsoft’s experimental project to manufacturer and operate an underwater data centre. So far, a prototype vessel has been operated on the ocean floor off the Pacific coast of the United States. Microsoft state that deep-water deployment offers ready access to cooling, renewable power sources and a controlled environment. The project is currently at the research stage as Microsoft trials the performance of subsea Data Centres.   However, if you’d rather not put your Data Centre in the sea, we can provide you with and install air conditioning to help keep it cool. We understand that keeping energy costs down is a major focus for organisations and will continue to play a part in their goals. Driven by rising energy costs, green legislation and corporate social responsibility, Data Centre efficiency works hand in hand with being environmentally friendly. Before you make changes to your Data Centre, you need to identify the areas of inefficiency and the options for improving them; that is where UPS Systems can help. We work with our clients to achieve the very best Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in their data centre – a measurement tool defined by the Green Grid that determines a Data Centre’s efficiency. If you’d like to enquire about our Data Centre efficiency and cooling solutions, please contact us