Uninterruptible Power Supply CapacitorsThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a safety warning after two Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) fires caused by overheating capacitors manufactured by ICAR of Monza, Italy. These UPS capacitors could be used in UPS systems that are supporting the chemical industry, energy industry, offshore oil and gas production and other users of high capacity electrical capacitors in industrial equipment. The affected capacitors are known to be found in some models of UPS system manufactured by Vertiv UPS that previously traded as Emerson or Chloride. Vertiv UPS have taken steps to alert known users of its UPS systems which may have been supplied containing the affected capacitors.

Potential Danger include:

  • Fire and any consequential issues arising from the possible loss of power to connected equipment.
  • Two fires in industrial UPS systems were caused by the failure (due to overheating) of self-healing polypropylene capacitors manufactured by ICAR of Monza, Italy.
  • Capacitor model numbers known to be affected are:
  • ICAR LNF-P3B-200-27
  • ICAR LNF-P3X-200-38

It is advised by the HSE that:

  • Dutyholders are advised to take a precautionary approach and consider prompt replacement of both capacitor models.
  • Dutyholders are also advised to review ventilation and cooling requirements for UPS systems. 

At the moment only Vertiv UPS units are known to be affected, but Riello UPS have confirmed that they don't (and never have) used either of the capacitor models that are affected in their Uninterruptible Power Supplies. This safety alert is also an important reminder to review your UPS’s ventilation and cooling to ensure the units never exceed safe operating temperatures. Please keep in mind that it’s always best to proactively replace capacitor banks before they reach their end of service life.  

You can find the HSE safety warning here.

If you need help source a replacement UPS system because yours is affected by this safety warning or just want to check that your UPS is installed with adequate ventilation please contact us.