Do you need to hire new standby power equipment?

Is your limited access to capital preventing you from purchasing new standby power equipment? Perhaps you're using temporary accommodation, and you need a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to protect your systems whilst your office is being refurbished? Or has your company's growth increased the load you have to protect, leaving you in need of a bigger generator? Why not hire? Whatever the reason, many companies find they need to hire UPS or generator equipment, either on short or long term basis, to fulfil their standby power needs. Our equipment rental service provides UPS and generator hire as well as new silent, emissions-free fuel cell generators, for any length of time - from a day to over a year. We store hire equipment on our premises ready for delivery and installation whenever you need it. At UPS Systems we specialise in the specification, supply and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and diesel generators to create best-fit bespoke standby power solutions for our clients and customers. Contact us for more information on high-efficiency standby power solutions, or for any standby power queries or enquiries. To find out more and discuss your needs, please contact us or call 01488 680 500.