As of the 30th June 2021, all residential and domestic buildings over 18m in height or above 4 storeys (whichever is shorter) must be provided with a backup power supply and automatic changeover functionality.

This means in all large residential and domestic buildings; the sprinkler system should be fed by two power supplies. The mains supply is the primary power source, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as the secondary power source, with an automatic transfer switch to transfer the load from mains to UPS in the event of a power cut while the sprinkler system is being used.

These new rules are outlined in BS 9251:2021 and contain some substantial changes to all residential and domestic buildings. The changes to sprinkler systems have been implemented to ensure fire safety as much as possible. It was already a requirement to have other life safety systems supported by a UPS system, so this change ensures residents are the safest they can be in large residential buildings.

As the power grid ages, power cuts are going to become more common. This is going to be exasperated by uncontrollable factors such as events, storms and other extreme weather which is expected to become increasingly common. A UPS system protects against these issues, ensuring critical systems are available when they are needed.

UPS Systems PLC has specified, supplied, installed, commissioned and maintained power backups to support sprinkler systems across the UK. Our engineers are trained by the UPS manufacturers to ensure a complete understanding of any available UPS. We can guide you through the whole process of supporting your sprinkler system or any other essential safety equipment.

In summary, it is now mandatory to have a backup system for all large residential and domestic buildings. You can read the changes to BS 9251:2021 here. 

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