What causes power cuts?

Power Cuts Emergency LightingEvery business these days is reliant on electricity in one way or another, whether it is for computers and server or for a whole manufacturing line. Not only are power cuts disruptive to the day to day work of the business, but can be damaging to sensitive systems like servers. The worst case is loss of critical data that can’t be recovered.

Understanding the potential causes allows you to plan to mitigate them.

Natural Causes

The most common cause of power cuts are natural. Weather can cause dramatic and powerful circumstances that can can cut off power to individuals, communities or in worst the case, an entire grid network.

Lightning is the most common cause of the power cuts. When lightning strikes a building, it creates a power surge through existing electrical circuits. Ideally all electrical items should be unplugged in a lightning storm, to stop them from being damages by power surges. Snow and rain can cause accidents that also damage power infrastructure. High winds and extremely icy conditions can damage power lines and poles. Even extreme heat can warp metal, potential cause power cuts in extreme cases. Humidity and dust build up can also be an issue, as they can cause short circuits in equipment.

The Grid

After natural causes, it is likely that power cuts and surges will come from the electrical grid itself.

Other power supply problems stem from issues with the grid itself. Anything from scheduled maintenance to a fault component could cause the grid issues. If this happens the power surges could damage sensitive equipment.

Brownout, Blackouts and more

There are many reasons for backup power to be considered, like blackouts and brownouts you can find out about the 9 reason in the following video.


Power cuts can be devastating to any business, power protection ensure that not only does your business keep working through the power cut, but your equipment isn’t damaged.

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