An Efficient Solution for Engie

“I can’t speak highly enough of UPS Systems, they find solutions rather than problems. I found their communication, service and expertise exceptional. They offered sound advice and knowledge and provided the best solutions possible at extremely competitive prices”  Travis Birtwhistle, Regional Facilities Manager at Engie

 Engie are integrated services experts who manage the facilities of warranty provider Domestic and General.

Having a UPS at each of Domestic and General’s sites is crucial to supporting their servers; if the company’s systems aren’t backed up they could lose vital customer data. Engie knew that the existing units were old and inefficient and therefore needed replacing.

UPS Systems plc were brought in by Engie to advise on upgrading the UPS units at three of Domestic and General’s UK sites: their head office in Wimbledon, the administrative hub in Bedworth contact centre in Nottingham.

The Challenge

The existing UPS units were not only old but had been over specified and the maintenance costs were increasing. UPS Systems were asked to provide a more effective solution to Domestic and General’s standby power requirements. To do this, the UPS units needed to be replaced by newer, more efficient units. In order to remove each UPS and install new units, a shutdown of the systems would have to take place. One of the challenges facing UPS Systems was finding a suitable time and date for each of the three sites in which Domestic and General could power down temporarily for the installation.


After discussing the timings with Engie, it was concluded that the only time the systems could be shut down was between 11 pm on a Saturday night and 5 am on a Sunday morning, allowing just six hours to remove the UPS and install the new unit.

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