Emergency Lights, Camera, Action: Standby Power for Showcase Cinemas

“UPS Systems provided a flexible approach when faced with a complicated large project involving numerous strict programme deadlines, ensuring that the project for Showcase Cinemas was delivered without problems.” Jamie Duggan, Managing Director, Concept Electrical  

 A loss of power can prove to be a costly occurrence for cinemas having to refund unhappy film goers; it can also result in huge legal issues if they don’t meet with strict laws to ensure the safety of their consumers.

In order for Concept  Electrical UK Ltd’s work with Showcase Cinemas to meet safety procedures, they needed to source and install standby power for emergency lighting in three cinema sites across the UK. To do this, the company approached UPS Systems plc.

The Challenge

EN50171 is a European regulation that governs the installation of emergency lighting.  Standby power systems must provide power to support emergency lighting for at least 3 hours.  The specifications of a standard UPS do not meet those specified by EN50171, therefore a specific static inverter must also be used. The three cinemas located in Reading, Leeds and Nottingham,  with a total of 42 screens, were in need of backup power to support their emergency lighting.  The cinemas in question were undergoing renovation at the time. It was, therefore, important that the solution was able to fit into the schedule of work already in place, which was outlined across five months.

The Solution for Showcase Cinemas

After discussing and being able to meet the timescale requirements, UPS Systems proposed one 500W static inverter per screen. Complete with batteries,  this would provide 3 hours run time for the emergency lighting system. The units themselves were delivered in advance and electrically installed by Concept  Electrical.  An engineer was then scheduled to attend the site to complete the battery build and commission each unit.

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