Peace of mind for Salisbury Group

“I would recommend UPS Systems for your standby power requirements. I have found their service and delivery at one of our key sites very impressive; they book in engineers well in advance and are happy to re-arrange when necessary.” Beverley Russell – Salisbury Group

 Salisbury Group specialise in commercial facilities management and look after over 320 business premises across the UK. Salisbury contacted UPS Systems plc after acquiring a contract to manage the facilities of a global investment company.

Salisbury’s client had a 160 kVA UPS at their London site on Saville Row. Salisbury needed to make sure their new client’s systems would be protected in the event of a power failure; without maintenance, key components of the UPS can fail, leaving it unable to support the company’s crucial servers. Salisbury required a  service contract that included two planned out of hours maintenance visits and requested the first visit as soon as possible to ensure the UPS would not fail.

The solution for Salisbury group

UPS Systems were flexible and able to provide Salisbury with a maintenance contract that suited their needs. The contract incorporated a 4 hour response call out facility, with 24 hour telephone support and two pre-planned maintenance visits per annum to be completed on a Saturday.

The first maintenance visit was arranged and took place as soon as the contract was agreed. Several vital checks were carried out by the engineer to make sure there’d been no deterioration of the UPS due to moisture, heat or environmental conditions such as excessive dust.

The engineer inspected the UPS for any signs of increased temperature or overheating, making sure the fans were moving freely and the filters were clear. All critical components such as capacitors were checked during the visit and the battery was tested for signs of sulphating and leaks. The age of the battery was also examined to see if it was at risk of failing. As a final check, the unit was run on battery to ensure that it supported the load.

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