Standby Power for Showcase Cinemas Case Study

View full case study here: Standby Power for Showcase Cinemas

Following the success of the first standby power project for emergency lighting across three cinemas located in Reading, Leeds and Nottingham, Concept Electrical UK and Showcase Cinemas came back to UPS Systems for future cinema installations. There was a total of 37 individual screens that required emergency lighting in case of a power outage.

Much like with the first installations, it was imperative that safety procedures were followed. Concept Electrical UK needed to source and install standby power for emergency lighting in a further three cinema sites across the UK. These sites were Coventry, Peterborough and Southampton.

The Challenge

The current regulations regarding the setup of emergency lighting EN50171. The regulation states that emergency light fixtures need to be supported for at least 3 hours at the end of its life as well as the beginning. The regulation also confirms that the standby power supply needs 120% overload protection and a typical UPS doesn’t do this, so a static inverter was chosen.

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