Together Housing Group Data Centre Move - Week 5/6

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Previously: -

In Week 4 the fire suppression installation had begun, a trench was dug for the generator cabling and the area for the generator plinth was cleared.

You can read about Week 4 here.

Week 5: -

During Week 5 the focus has been on finishing off the works outside to ensure the generator plinth is completed ready for the drop of the 110kVA generator. The trench that had been dug around the back of the building has now had all the necessary cabling placed down and routed to the generator plinth so that when the generator is dropped in it can be terminated on the same day. It is important that the generator has a sturdy platform because the weight of it with lube oil and coolant will be around 1,700kG. Also, when the machine is running the high amount of vibrations that will cause a major downward force. Not having a suitable plinth would mean the generator would sink into the ground that sits beneath it. In addition, this week, the refrigeration team worked to ensure that the necessary pipework was in place for the condensers outdoors. The pipework runs up the side of the building into the data centre and into the 2 x InRak air-conditioning units the were delivered in Week 4.

Week 6: -

  Week 6 began with ensuring that inside the data centre was close to the point where data migration would be able to happen on schedule. The installation of the 2 x Airedale InRak units have now been positioned on each end of the comms and servers rack ready for the refrigeration team to connect up and into the back of each unit. The installation of the pressure release vent has now been finished and will safeguard the room if there are any fires within the data centre. All of the electrical switchboard work has now been completed and all of the connections in place ready for when the data centre goes live.

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