Together Housing Group Data Centre Move - Week 7

You can download the whole case study as a PDF here.

Previously: -

The generator plinth had been completed and the air-conditioning units were installed. Everything was ready for the final stage.

You can read about Week 5/6 here.

Week 7: -

Week 7 started with the arrival of the generator. The generator plinth was surrounded by fencing to ensure that it was safe and secure. The generator was lower on to the plinth from the back of a lorry, whilst be monitored by our engineers. Once the generator was safely located it was connected up to the previously installed wiring from the cabling work in the trench. The final part of the install could now be completed - the testing. To ensure that all the new systems would work in a power failure, everything was extensively tested. To ensure the project is complete the final stage of the data centre move is to start populating the racks. Once this has been done, all systems will be in place and the flooring can be secured underneath the racks. Testing of the room will be completed once all data cables have been run into the room, flooring is all tightened up and an integrity test can be done in the room.

Outcome: -

With the data centre move complete, Together Housing Group now has a brand new data centre that can adapt to the changes in the future. The new location provides the capabilities for an environmental monitoring system, which will monitor air conditioning, overheating or UPS failures. The security of all of the site will be monitored by surveillance systems that has been put in place to look after the data centre. As was specified, only top quality equipment has been used at all times.

DOWNLOAD: Together Housing Case Study

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